by xRepentancex





released December 23, 2015

Recorded by Ian Boult @ Stuck on a Name Studios.
Artwork by Staffan Snitting.



all rights reserved


Carry The Weight Records UK

Hardcore Punk label based in the UK.
Est. 2009

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Track Name: Fortress
The chain linked wire fortress
Reflects in conscious eyes
Their voices cut from within them
To mute non human cries
The sterile room surrounds them
In the this their longest day
Days of non ending violence
Waking nights of constant pain

Wounds and sores of unspoken massacre
Suffering worth more than gold
:ives of pain cut short by the biocide
Tested means of slaughters hold
Lies and proofs of witch doctors prophecy
Hope and fears of terror sold
Breaths of poison forced into the innocent
For shareholders to behold

Bodies turned to rags like playthings
Twisted science Drenched in blood
26 million lives lie wasted
Commodities for the profit gods.

Biotech reigns on high from its pedestal
As front for the wage of sin
To sustain the gains of commodity
And a billion lives must end
The nameless graves filled with the pharmacide
Not a word nor a care to give
Paying lies to tortures myth
Track Name: Cleansing
Forced through internal suffering
To steel against the tide
Iron Willed, concrete conviction
Distilled within to pride.

Turned from the path of weakness
Found strength in solitude
The black mark of resistance
Branded deep into my soul

Vice gripped on my defiance, these words are at my core,
Flesh burnt to steel asunder, a call of hate to war

Play you're fucking part In torture, complicit in decay. Medicate yourself with poison to take your shame away.
Swimming in your dereliction while others pay the price
Your vices casting stones, the ripples tainting lives

Plagues of addiction
Held tight like dying brides
Withered lips of malefaction
with death allied
From this race to the bottom, your prayers cannot absolve
The false lies of redemption your pain will not resolve

Suffer in misery in your filth
Wallow in failure by yourself
Crying sins of saviours past
Paid back for runes you cast

All of your past digressions
Those lies I can't forgive
Each sip a spade strike deeper
This grave of void you lie