The Sickness of Eden

by xRepentancex



CTW:048: xRepentancex - 'The Sickness of Eden' LP.


released February 20, 2015

Carry The Weight Records

Australian press will be available from Life. Lair. Regret Records.

Front cover painting by Sue Coe: 'Standing Pig'
Copyright © 1993 Sue Coe
Courtesy Galarie St. Etienne, New York



all rights reserved


Carry The Weight Records UK

Hardcore Punk label based in the UK.
Est. 2009

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Track Name: Through Eyes Unclouded
Death's strangle hold of suffocation
As the calf is ripped from her side
Into the realm of dead and dying
Where compassions deadened by a lie

All pain and suffering ignored
For the price of commodity
The truth of mankind's injustice
Hidden in shrouds of decay
The blood stained hands of destruction
As millions are stripped of their lives
The screams of torment extinguished
By the kiss of a butchers knife

To see through eyes unclouded
The slaughter for selfish gain
The bloodlust of countless masses
The cries that will go on in vain

To see through eyes unclouded
The slaughter selfish gain
The blood lust of rabid masses
The eternal mechanics of pain

DEMONS on the killing floor,

Whispered lies of industry
Built on bones of lesser things .

Blood stained lips salivate
Hiding sheaths of serpent’s teeth
Self induced cataplexy
As you rot from the inside.
Track Name: Children of Cain
This is your life;
So far in the margins led
Grasping for identity
From the womb of the dead
a pious oath of hatred
A soul possessed by snakes
the vocals chords of a masters lungs
A eugenic mistake

A nationalistic pride so strong it compels you to hate
so in awe of the black and white you’re a slave to the state
You can’t see the richness
in a cross cultural bond
implying a sickness
from the eden beyond

your a whole existence, a disease

I pray to humanity,
for the force of the sun
to drown your wretched entity
in a sea of flames

So afraid of change it shakes you
To your rotting core
Clinging on to an abstract notion that you never even knew.
the bleeding hearts of hatred crusaders for a master race
A plague of shining savior’s clad in the robes of disgrace
Track Name: Knowing
The pressure to scream these words weighs heavy on my back
Caught between the need to speak and the impulse to react
Rash words like swords thrust into swine
Severed deep and seeping wine
Words like flesh on wire barbs
Tearing wounds from faded scars

And the words wont come
And the stares burn cold
Every time I try to express these feelings,
Words cut my throat like shattered glass

Hung myself on the words of others
Nailed upon this cross of verbs

And im drawing a blank
While burning with the rage
Of a thousand sleepless nights
Searching for my voice
With a mouth filled with blood
And severed tongue

Crawling in the darkness Ive become
Scratching for some substance to retrieve
Knowing that ill never match my peers

Track Name: Sleep Paralysis
And as the sunlight beckons, a darkness creeps back in.
A recurring dream of dystopia, as the light begins to dim
Complicit in this devastation, the crimson stains my hands.
Unable to escape this bondage as death spreads across the land

Darkness never ends.
The nightmare just repeats
The only solace is sleep

there can be no justice, there can be no peace until every cage is empty, until every manacle is broken and every institution that upholds this corrupt society burns to ruin . An act of violence in the name of total liberation is the only true act of peace.

And society marches on,
While the succubus holds my chest
And commerce outweighs life,
And profits equal death.

the wheels of death keep turning, because we've all been put to rest
the demons breath of capitol like iron on our breasts
the old hags brew of slumber down the back my throat creeps
Sedated by the lure of hope
Paid in blood to fall asleep
Track Name: Dominion's End
The iron fist of violence
The masters whip and cage
The taste of subjugation
Populations laid to waste
Seas fished to extinction
For the greed of man
Natures wrath of vengeance
Dominion at an end

Reparations for destruction paid for with borrowed seed
Led wolves like lambs to slaughter gaping wounds like mouths to feed

Blindness of man
Think we can escape
Hell we created
Collectively gestate
This World of piss and poison
Rotten to decay
Endless execution
No life to maintain

And the sacrifice of human life, to save the lives of millions could not be more justified.
Track Name: The Price of Progression
Tied to the stake of progress
Red flames of heresy
Charred skin of life and living
Blistered flesh of sanity
Compassion cast from Eden
The throes of death begun
The healing hands Nature
replaced by blackened lungs

Poison fills the air.
Fire burns the skies.

Like stench of demons' breath
We suffocate the land
The black tar of pollution
Like fire in our hands
Choked from our own existence
With willing subterfuge
Like viral plagues of locust
Stripping life of every hue

Mankind is a tumor
The Slow death of decay

Asphyxiated by our vices
Led astray by iron Gods
The selfish blinded sons of Adam
The drooling mouths of poisoned dogs.

Scorched earth. Blackened Skies.
Track Name: The Divine Right of Tyrants
heart agape, on seraphs wings
with swords of fire to cleave in twain,

And if you’re there
How can I love you?
With all the horrors you allowed
And all the fields you set a flame?

In halls of gold, with the tongues of snakes
From human thrones so quick to forsake
Prostituting the fear of death with strangle hold
Hoarding pieces of silver for the lies you’ve told

In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king
craven scriptures conceived in sin
Houses of the unholy carved in stone
A counterfeit morality of ancient bones